Brows For Round Faces

My gay former office mate Omar, whom I worked with from my previous call center job recently sent me a message through Facebook asked me actually begged me to clean up my eyebrow and erase whatever I put in there when I posted a selfie of myself as it's making my face rounder. He's not really a super close friend but he is known to be a very tactless person lol. I know he cares because he doesn't want me to look bad but it still hurts. He said I'll look more beautiful if I'll have my eyebrows done by a professional. Because of that, I've checked on the internet to learn how to do brows for round faces and found some tips on how to do your eyebrows if you have a round face like me. The goal is to make a round face appear less round by making the face appear longer. Again, the solution is to apply lines that go more up and down the face since it helps draw the eye up and down and lengthens it. You need to create as high an arch as you can. You need to stay away from rounded brow shape as this will make the face look very round.

round face shape
Now that I know what I'm doing wrong, I will not make the same mistakes again. I hope that next time Omar sends me a message, it will now be a compliment on how I greatly improved my eyebrow lining skill. :)


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